Hyaluronic acid

Hylaruonic Acid
So, what is it?

Hyaluronic acid is an organically occurring glycosaminoglycan found throughout the body’s connective tissue. Glycosaminoglycans are simply carbohydrates, or sugars which go by the name polysaccharides.
Hyaluronic is the main element of which gives skin structure and is accountable for that plump and hydrated look. Hyaluronic acid is the buzz for anti-aging & all of its many other benefits!

Hyaluronic acid offers a MULTIPLE of benefits to the hair and skin! Let’s start with the skin.
The multitude of hydration that hyaluronic acid offers to the skin is off the charts! Hyaluronic acid aids the tissue to the regeneration of healing wounds and dark spots all while reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles thus maintaining that youthful dermal moisture… And the best bit? its vegan!

Want to know more?

Hyaluronic acid or HA as its being called nowadays helps to protect the skin! Those that typically don’t have a very strong lipid barrier can benefit ! HA leaves you with a vibrant and brightened complexion. Great right?

It doesn’t end there, the benefits extend! Hyaluronic acid isn’t just liquid gold for your face but for your hair too! Regardless of your hair type, each & every one of us can benefit from this love potion! The kinky, the coily the straight or the wavy – the answer is HA baby!

Let’s start from the scalp and the dire troubles many of us face with it. Dermatologists Love HA and couldn’t agree more that for a dry and flaky scalp, it can work wonders not only for improving overall skin health but for the scalp too! Dermatitis on the scalp is common and for a lot of us, it sucks – the itching, dry patches, rashes and/or blistering? It’s a recurring nightmare! But don’t fear because hyaluronic acid is here!

Hyaluronic acid can keep the scalp balanced by molecules attracting and binding moisture to the skin, allowing the collagen to thrive in the skin and scalp and boosting hydration which essentially promotes a healthy scalp and thriving follicles, keeping dandruff at bay & locking in that moisture to the hair!

So just a quick count at the benefits of Hyaluronic acid

(HA) is anti-aging, moisturizing, wound healing, anti-wrinkle, it increases skin elasticity, can treat eczema and dermatitis, can treat facial redness it can even relieve joint pains by keeping the bones well lubricated and preserve bone strength! It can soothe acid reflux symptoms, prevent bladder pain, relieve dry eye and discomfort! Should I go on?
Hyaluronic acid can be taken orally, topically – in the forms of creams and serums also hyaluronic acid can be injected into the skin. Depending on what your uses for it may be depends on the methods you may use to take it!

Have a look at our products and ask your Dermatologist/doctor if they use HA or more importantly Revitacare Product for their clients.